October 13, 2016

Soon to be 3

Long time no see, blog world!

Since we are expecting baby boy #3 any day now, I figured I would do a catch-up post...those are the only posts I do anymore. Ha!

Heber is now 2 years old and he fills that role quite well, if you know what I mean. Heber's hilarious and has so much personality. He is not shy at all. When he was a baby, he was the most mellow, contented little baby I'd ever seen. He hardly made a sound, but how the tables have turned! He is a screamer (happy and angry), a giggler, and a big talker. He no longer just sits back and takes any guff from his older brother, but fights back. He's very aware that people are watching him and he shows off quite a bit. Here are some of the funny things Heber does that I want to remember:
*He has this cute speech impediment where he replaces the "er" sound at the end of a word with the "ay" sound. Water is "Wadday", Heber is "Hebay", etc.
*He loves Emmitt and will often give up his toys or a yummy snack to get on Emmitt's good side.
*When we make him apologize for something, he will try to get close to who he offended and pat them on the head while he says sorry.
Heber is excited to meet his new little brother soon. He's very affectionate when it comes to little kids, so I'm not too worried about the transition for him. It may be a bit of a shock when he doesn't get as much attention as he used to, but I'm sure that's how it is for every kid. Having a baby brother will be a really good thing for him.